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My Honest Review of the Friday Pickleball Paddle as a 4.5+ Player

I'm a 4.5+ pickleball player and was curious about the Friday paddle because of the advertised huge sweet spot, gritty surface for spin, carbon-fiber/thermoformed construction, price, and 99-day Happiness Guarantee.

I bought the Friday paddle; have been alternating between it and my Joola Hyperion for the past several weeks, in drilling and competitive play. Here's my honest review.

I've been playing with the Joola for a year now. Before that, I used a Selkirk Epic Amped, an Engage Encore EX 6.0, and an Electrum Pro.


Great paddle for the price

The Friday is a great paddle at its price of under $100. As advertised, it has a gritty surface for spin and a solid carbon fiber construction. It also recently was USA Pickleball Approved for tournament play.

*Note: Old habit from tennis days. I use Head guard tape and grip wrap all my racquets and paddles.


Friday vs. Joola – Power and Control

It’s similar to the Hyperion, but there are differences. I can generate powerful drives with top spin and I have good control with the dinks and volleys at the kitchen with the Friday Paddle. This is super important for me as a more advanced player.


Friday vs. Joola – Sweet Spot

It has a slightly smaller sweet spot and requires a little more power to get the ball back. Compared to the Hyperion, it’s a little lighter, feels a little less dense at contact with the ball, but has similar head to handle weight distribution.


Great opportunity to try it out

If the company keeps up with the 99-day Happiness Guarantee, then it should be an opportunity for anyone who is curious to try it out. I will keep mine and continue playing with it because I want to find out its durability!

Check out Friday Paddles

It seems like other customers have had similar experiences! Here's a review from another Friday customer.

Until recently, I thought I was pretty content with my quiver of paddles. I had a Joola, a Selkirk, a couple Diadems, and a PaddleTek.

I wasn’t in the market for another paddle, but an ad from Friday caught my eye. The paddles I had been using were adequate to excellent, but none had that missing component- a really good gritty (but not too gritty) surface.

So I followed a link, and a couple mouse clicks later, I had myself not one, but two new Friday pickleball paddles. They arrived within a few days of being ordered, and were as aesthetically appealing as I had hoped. As soon as I touched the surface of the paddle, I could tell they were going to replace everything in my bag, and move to full-time usage. Friday paddles feel the same as other high-end paddles.

Weight distribution feels the same, construction is solid, performance is actually better than the other high-priced paddles. For the Friday price, there is nothing in the same category for quality.

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