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My Honest Review of the Friday Pickleball Paddle as a 5.0+ Player

I am a 5.0+ pickleball player currently playing in PPA/APP pro qualifier tournaments. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the USA Pickleball Approved Friday Paddle because of the price point, the awesome graphics, the 99-Day Happiness Guarantee, and the construction of the paddle. I was not disappointed and won the first 5.0 tournament I played with a Friday Paddle.

Prior to using the Friday Paddle, I had been playing a Diadem Warrior Edge and a Volair Mach 1 16mm. I enjoyed those paddles because of their sweet spot and control, but as the game gets faster and faster I needed a paddle that could keep up. Friday delivered on exactly what I was looking for.


Price - 10/10

Before we get into the specifics of the paddle, let me first say that there is no paddle on Planet Earth that performs as well as the Friday Paddle for the price.

Getting two of these paddles for $99 is an absolute steal. Most performance paddles are $200+ these days and most paddles under $100 can't perform in high-level play.


Power and spin - 9/10

The carbon fiber thermoformed construction of the Friday Paddle creates a ton of pop on baseline drives, hands battles, and put aways. I loved ripping balls from the baseline because not only could I hit it with pace but I was able to put a lot of shape on the ball and have it dipping at my opponents' feet.

I was worried about the face material wearing off because of the graphics but I've continued to generate plenty of spin after several months of play.


Feel and control - 10/10

Although I was searching for more power, my preferred style of pickleball is to drop the ball and play points out at the kitchen.

It is crucial for me to feel in control of the ball as I make my way through the transition zone and dink at the net. The Friday Paddle allowed me to do just that.

I'm able to work the ball at the net both forehand and backhand using a variety of spin and trajectories.

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Sweet spot - 8.5/10

I was most curious to see how the sweet spot performed on the Friday Paddle. Coming from paddles with large sweet spots, I was worried I would be sacrificing that by transitioning to this paddle.

The sweet spot is a tiny bit smaller on this paddle but that is an expected trade off when you are getting more power from a paddle.

I added some lead tape to the throat and top corners of the paddle and was able to get it to feel more stable.


Durability - 9/10

As soon as I picked up the paddle I could tell that it was well constructed.

When you pick up most paddles under $100, you can tell that you got what you paid for. Most other paddles at this price point feel very cheap and feel like they could break at any moment.

From the grip to the paddle face to the edge guard, the Friday Paddle feels like a top of the line paddle.

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It seems like other customers have had similar experiences! Here's a review from another Friday customer.

I wasn’t in the market for another paddle, but an ad from Friday caught my eye.

So I followed a link, and a couple mouse clicks later, I had myself not one, but two new Friday pickleball paddles. They arrived within a few days of being ordered, and were as aesthetically appealing as I had hoped. As soon as I touched the surface of the paddle, I could tell they were going to replace everything in my bag, and move to full-time usage.

Weight distribution feels the same, construction is solid, performance is actually better than the other high-priced paddles. For the Friday price, there is nothing in the same category for quality.

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